Cover Reveal - Parade of Streetlights

Time to start the week with an all new cover reveal! 

Read Furiously is excited to announce the debut novel from Itua Uduebo. 

Parade of Streetlights follows a year in Kolawole Idowu’s life and his many interactions and experiences with people around him. Following a life-changing incident from his youth in Lagos, Kola always had a haunting desire to return to Nigeria and commit his time to making a difference. This is a novel about the choices we make, the ways we restrict ourselves needlessly, and the freedom of embracing the authentic pursuit of happiness. Kola’s narrative voice is a welcome addition to the literary canon and his story will stay with you long after the last page is finished.

Itua Headshot

Itua was born in Lagos, Nigeria, reside in New York, NY, and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in International Politics. He is currently working in the financial technology industry. His writing journey began in his college years and to date he has several essays, articles, freeform poems, and short stories published online and in print. His focuses are new adult fiction, urban literature, science fiction, thrillers, politics, racial justice, culture, and global affairs. Currently working on his second novel manuscript and always looking to take on new creative challenges.

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