Thanks for your interest in working with Read Furiously!

At Read Furiously we believe the publisher/creator relationship should be taken very seriously, and we do everything we can to foster it. Whether we will be working together on a single project or are planning a long term collaboration, we are looking for creators who understand our mission and share the our passion for the written word. We encourage all creators to take their time to acquaint themselves with Read Furiously, our work, and our goals for the company.

Read Furiously is only interested in previously unpublished works. The author(s) must be the sole rights owner for the work they send. If accepted in this anthology, Read Furiously retains first publication rights and authors are able to reprint the story in other publications one year after the release date of this anthology. Authors retain full creative rights to their stories. Read Furiously is not responsible for any stories whose ownership has been misrepresented, or the consequences therein.

Please note that the submission requirements will vary based on the type of project you are submitting for our consideration. As such, we encourage you to review the guidelines thoroughly to ensure your proposal can be properly reviewed by our editorial team. Any submission that does not meet the requirements outlined will be discarded. 

At Read Furiously we are committed to showcasing the voices of people from all walks of life, and offering an inclusive, safe space for creators to share their stories. As such, we will not consider any submissions which feature gratuitous violence, violence against women, racism, homophobia, antisemitism, transphobia, islamophobia, or any aggressive, disrespectful writing that dehumanizes any group or persons. We ask that all authors present themselves with professionalism and courtesy towards their writing subjects.

Read Furiously will never charge creators to review submissions or if their work is accepted for publication.

If you feel your work does not fit into any of these categories, but would still like to approach Read Furiously about the possibility of publication, please feel free to reach out to us at

Unfortunately, we are unable to reply to all messages that we receive. However, we still thank you for taking the time to contact us, and we wish you the best on your creative journey.

PLEASE NOTE: Read Furiously is only accepting submissions for the One 'n Done series and our original anthologies. We will no longer be accepting poetry collections for consideration.

You can review the submission guidelines below to better understand the series and expectations for submission packages.