Graphic Novel Submissions

Each year Read Furiously features some of the best emerging comic talent. If you feel that your work is a good fit, please include the following within your submission packet:


  • a brief synopsis of your work, including estimated length. Please include any main characters, an outline of plot points (spoilers are unnecessary), and thematic content.
  • a sample of your project between 10 to 20 pages and a brief timeline for the work to be completed. All art files should be sent as a single low resolution PDF file.
  • additional sample work, if available. This includes previously published work, a blog, social media, or anything that will give us a range and feel of your writing style.
  • a brief author bio of 50 words or less for all members of the creative team.
  • brief responses to these supplemental details: how would you categorize your work (genre, inspired titles, etc)? Who is your audience? How does this title fit with the existing Read Furiously catalog?

For any creative teams submitting to Read Furiously, please designate one person as the main point of contact for the project. All initial communications will be sent directly to this individual.

Please send submissions to with your name and project title as the subject line.

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