The Furious Reader Bookshop

Welcome to the Furious Reader Bookshop, the place to get all the amazing Read Furiously titles, along with lots of other great reading accessories.

We've partnered with some incredibly talented artists from all over the country (including some of our own Read Furiously authors), on some essentials to support every kind of reading habit.

We hope you enjoy!

Summer Reading Collection

This year we're celebrating Summer Reading with a look at Travel. The coming and going, the love of the destination, the excitement of exploring somewhere new. Check out all these great titles that explore what it means to see the world.

New Releases

Check out our newest titles, along with the ones coming soon to a bookstore near you!

The One 'n Done Series

Our signature collection of travel size pocktbooks that can be read in a single day. Perfect for the reader on the go who doesn't want to sacrifice quality along the way.

Bookish Accessories

Stylish and fun accessories for every reading aesthetic.