Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Furious Readers, we present to you: the Read Furiously Class of 2022

As the year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to celebrate the extraordinary voices and talent that made up our 2022 book roster. This year, we introduced books to the world that feature personal stories, laugh-out-loud experiences, and fictional characters that are memorable and endearing. ​​​​​​​​

March 2022: Cars, Castles, Cows, and Chaos by Midge Guerrera

Class Picture: In this travel-guide-meets-memoir, we get to experience Midge's hilarious moments as she settles into her new home in Pontelandolfo, Italy. Not only do we get to meet Midge, but we also get to meet her trusty Fiat, Fernando, as they set out on their adventures. 

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote because 1) it's our favorite story in the entire collection and 2) it represents the beautiful moments of quiet reflection that remind us that taking a risk brings unexpected results and rewards. 

May 2022: Northwood Meadows: Lifestyle by Andy Chang

Class Picture: Northwood Meadows: Lifestyle explores daily life, culture, and even the ongoing pandemic with its offbeat humor and signature warmth. ​​​​​​​​Andy Chang has created a witty and beloved cast of animals (and one extraterrestrial) for fans of Garfield and The Far Side

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote because we feel it is a great example of the sardonic and irreverent humor that can be found infused in every one of the Northwood Meadows comic strips.

June 2022: I Feel Love: Notes on Queer Joy edited by Samantha Mann

I Feel Love: Notes on Queer Joy

Class Picture: Told in multi-faceted layers of memoir, creative nonfiction, and poetry, every story shares a priceless event or moment where queer joy is found. The message in I Feel Love: Notes on Queer Joy is clear: being who you are meant to be is a precious gift we all deserve. 

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote because we wanted to echo editor Samantha Mann's sentiment that this collection is beautiful and important in spreading joy to the world. 

July 2022: Chasing Harmony by Melanie Bell

Chasing Harmony

Class Picture: A refreshing YA debut from  perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell, Becky Albertalli, and Nina LaCour. Melanie Bell has created a compelling coming-of-age story, featuring a bisexual protagonist, for those that can relate to the search for untapped potential. Told in alternating timelines on Prince Edward Island and Vancouver, Chasing Harmony reminds us of the exhilarating feeling that comes with hearing your heart’s song.

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote from a list of many beloved lines from the book. There are so many moments throughout Anna's journey that remind us the power of choosing our own destiny. 

August 2022: The Legend of Dave Bradley (One 'n Done series) by S. Atzeni

The Legend of Dave Bradley

Class Picture: An eclectic blend of experiences from the New Jersey Shop'N Bag, a supermarket at the Jersey Shore, The Legend of Dave Bradley celebrates the horrors that only exist in customer service. This is the fifth title in our bestselling One 'n Done series, a portable and pocket-sized reading experience that provides a satisfying story in a long afternoon or weekend. 

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote because it's a great example of the sharp prose infused throughout The Legend of Dave Bradley, filled with wit and humor but also a keep sense of observation and insight.

September 2022: The Boy Who Was NOT a Witch (The Little Witch Academy series) by Laura Sass-Germain and illustrated by Matthew Germain

The Boy Who Was Not A Witch

Class Picture: The Little Witch Academy series is the perfect companion for elementary school readers. The Boy Who Was NOT a Witch has one message: be proud of who you are. Will struggles with being different from his family and friends, but when trouble arises, he offers help in his own way. 

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote because kids and their grown-ups will love cheering on Will as he discovers his own magic. 

November 2022: Beyond "Just Okay:" A Companion Workbook to Style Your Sense of Self by Susan Padron

Beyond "Just Okay" A Companion Workbook

Class Picture: Using accessible journaling exercises, Susan Padron asks us to consider who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. More than just style tips, this workbook (and companion to We don't do "just okay" anymore) teaches us that the most significant journey comes in the form of small exercises and lifestyle changes. 

Senior Quote: Our editors chose this quote as an illustration for the tone of the workbook and how it sets the stage for insightful and creative reflection.   

May your 2023 be filled with new reading adventures. Congrats to our class of 2022! Until next time, read often and read well. 📚 🌪

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